Professional baking

Enzym Company has Baking Innovation Centre called Khlibny Dim (BreadHouse). The Centre’s task is to provide comprehensive consulting services to various bakery businesses.

The Centre's employees are highly qualified professionals who apply innovative approach to the development and implementation of latest bakery trends.

One of the most important components of Enzym’s success is the desire to attain unquestionable leadership in the Ukrainian and global yeast production markets. To maintain top positions in the ranking of yeast manufacturing companies, the Company adheres to world-class product quality standards.

Focusing exclusively on providing comprehensive solutions, the company has given new impetus to the creation of an innovative bakery centre– Khlibny Dim. It is dedicated to tracking the company's yeast products from sales to its most efficient use in the manufacturing processes of client companies. Enzym Company employees advise consumers on the relevant methods for using its yeast and bakery additives. The company helps to analyse  and if necessary, adjust baking operations of its client companies.

Khlibny Dim works diligently to improve the quality of yeast products and consulting services. Enzym Company dedicates all available resources for the continuous improvement of the Centre's personnel. Improving production and enhancing the knowledge base of its employees ensures that company's clients, small bakeries and bakery factories can operate efficiently. 

Khlibny Dim invites bakers, production engineers and bakery owners to seminars and demonstrations where the centre shares its experience, educates participants of recent bakery trends in global markets, and develops recipes for the manufacture of bakery and confectionery products using Enzym Company products.

Khlibny Dim provides quality support and professional advice on such Enzym products as yeast for baking bread and confectionery products.

We offer our clients professional solutions with guaranteed results. The ultimate goal of Khlibny Dim and Enzym Company is not just ensuring product marketing, but also developing customised approach to each individual customer. This means providing professional advice on the proper use of yeast, as well as expanding the product range of client companies through the development of new recipes. Khlibny Dim is indispensable for clients that need professional and operational assistance and want to make their products better and their companies more successful.

Technical engineers of the Khlibny Dim Baking Innovation Centre continue developing recipes for industrial production of new types of bakery products.

Collaboration with BIC Khlibny Dim means:

  • qualified professional advice and operational assistance;
  • seminars, presentations, baking demonstrations;
  • deployment of technologies directly at your bakery;
  • innovative professional solutions for your business;
  • original recipes;
  • product range expansion;
  • reduced costs;
  • partnership relations, supplements for bakery and confectionery production under VITAPAN TM